Saturday, September 6, 2008

1st day

ok so a while ago i found this site that describes the routines how to get from fat street to musclebound maniac(or do 100 pushups, which ever comes first) in 6 weeks. Being a lazy bastard and not going to think about anything like that myself i decided to try it.

Starting weight 105 kg.

So did the initial test yesterday , managed 11.

So i was column 3, that means i had to do 10 +10+8+6+>7

I failed being able to do only 10+10, will not give up tho. Official day one will be when i am able to do the right number of reps.

After getting on the scale and finding out that i had put on another 5 kg since i last weighed myself i decided its time to stop snacking between meals, I'm already off coffee , seems like it would be a good time to cut down on beer as well, at least until i loose at least 10 kg.

I also found a us army fitness booklet that one of my clan mates posted a while back and i think im going to follow that somewhat , you can view it here (1.59 mb).
It too has schedules written down and a clear description of drills so it should be easy to follow if i can motivate myself to do it.

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