Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 1 of week 3, according to the test i did at the end of week 2 im still in the second column which means i had to to 16+18+14+14+>19 yesterday and let me tell you, thats some tough shit right there, hauling 107 kg up and down WILL make your arms friking limp sausages and pants remain unsoiled.

See you tomorrow for another update on the soiling of the pants drama

Saturday, September 20, 2008

yesterday i was bored and anxious enough to skip putting the whole training schedule forward by a day and did day 3 of week 2 right after day 2 , so that would mean that i do the physical test tomorrow. fingers crossed

Thursday, September 18, 2008

so after doing the last set of pushups i got an email from the author of the site notifying me that he redesigned the whole training schedule. Instead of sticking to the old system i thought what the shit i am only on the 4th day . SO today was the first day of the new regime : 10 +12+9+9+>13.
The new one is a bit harder than the old one but i can still do them , so as joe from family guy says : "LETS DO THIS!!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OK so quick one here. Day late , didn't to them at the right time because i was busy stuffing my face and was generally being a couch potato. I DID do them today (day later), and i must say that i breezed through the needed set 9+8+6+4+>7.
It is lower that last Fridays set but anyway it must show that something is working

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did day 3 yesterday, it entitled 10+10+8+>10

The thing is i did them after having a few drinks with the guys .I'm pretty sure that i counted them properly , but having a night out means i fell off the wagon with the whole diet thing.Although the increased water loss should mean easier fat burning

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 2

being wednesday it was time for the second set of push ups, 9+8+6+5+>7 this time.
Did them but the ab pain was there again , was worried that the strain would make me shit myself as i had diarrhea earlier in the day but my undies remain unsoiled \o/

Monday, September 8, 2008

day 1.1

After my miserable failure the other day , i talked to a mate about the challenge and came to the conclusion that i should switch to a lighter regime. Namely column 2.

Redid day 1 in this category, which meant doing 7+7+5+4+>5.

After starting a sharp pain shot through my lower abs and it persisted but i decided that i wouldn't back down , so i clenched my stomach muscles and powered through it. I did them all , it was difficult but at least i didn't collapse after the second set like i did before.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

1st day

ok so a while ago i found this site that describes the routines how to get from fat street to musclebound maniac(or do 100 pushups, which ever comes first) in 6 weeks. Being a lazy bastard and not going to think about anything like that myself i decided to try it.

Starting weight 105 kg.

So did the initial test yesterday , managed 11.

So i was column 3, that means i had to do 10 +10+8+6+>7

I failed being able to do only 10+10, will not give up tho. Official day one will be when i am able to do the right number of reps.

After getting on the scale and finding out that i had put on another 5 kg since i last weighed myself i decided its time to stop snacking between meals, I'm already off coffee , seems like it would be a good time to cut down on beer as well, at least until i loose at least 10 kg.

I also found a us army fitness booklet that one of my clan mates posted a while back and i think im going to follow that somewhat , you can view it here (1.59 mb).
It too has schedules written down and a clear description of drills so it should be easy to follow if i can motivate myself to do it.